Mz. Rebecca T wrote, "With an election year as fraught as this one, anyone can understand why Teresa St. Peter decided to forgo her political career in favor of something more … well, cultured. St. Peter, the purveyor of East Colfax’s New World Cheese {2504 East Colfax Avenue, Denver; 303.484.8110}, worked as a senior aide for several prominent city council members in Denver before leaving to launch her cheese shop. As an ersatz chief of staff, attending meetings and providing constituent services on behalf of elected officials, St. Peter got to see a side of the Mile High City that few do. During her tenure, she met local entrepreneurs reshaping the face of the city, like Adam Schlegel (co-owner of the popular breakfast chain Snooze), and Paul Tamburello (who developed most of what we now call LoHi). The two share an affinity for helping small businesses prosper, and in turn, helping those small businesses positively impact a city’s economy." Check out the rest of the article here.