Teresa St.Peter

Chief Cheese Operator

When Teresa first worked in a cheese shop in the early 1990s there was very little small batch specialty cheese available in the U.S. She spent some years away — but not too far — from cheese as a public servant, mostly within Denver’s City Council. Finally figuring out what she wanted to be when she grew up — and with enthusiastic encouragement by her family, friends and known cheese lovers -- she began an unofficial master’s degree in the school of American craft cheeses and business. Thus was born New World Cheese. She opened a brick & mortar in the beautiful Lowenstein Cultureplex that also houses fantastic neighbors: Twist & Shout, Tattered Cover, Sie Film Center, The Goods and Velowood Cyclery and some of the coolest students in Denver at East High.

After spending nearly two years doing on-the-job studying by making unique cheese plates & great grilled cheese sandwiches, selling cut-to-order cheese, teaching classes, catering, enjoying her new amazing community, and learning more about pairings, flavors and CHEESE, Teresa decided that the restaurant side of her cheese love was a bit too much and she's narrowed down her focus to teaching cheese classes around town & privately in homes, catering special events & creating cheese wheel wedding cakes and...starting a line of perfect-to-pair cheese accompaniments.

Building community is a huge part of her mission for New World Cheese, so please, as a part of this lovely community, don't hesitate to drop her a line now and again to just say hi, ask cheese questions, find out about the next class, ask about a volunteer or donation need, or to just gossiip about the latest & "grate"est in the hood. Teresa@NewWorldCheese.com

Dasha and -- Teresa admiring her handy-work.

Dasha and -- Teresa admiring her handy-work.